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ACTIWARE Development

Welcome to ACTIWARE Development

Our mission

Making use of informations in a revolutionary simple way

Our approach

To make innovations available across the board

Our customers

OEM and our own partners


are friendly software revolutionaries. Our heart belongs to the topic of information management. Here we create holistic solutions for the affordable and self-determined design of digitization. Our document and data factory provides answers for integrated ECM, IOT data collection, search, evaluation and organization of daily work both on premises and in the cloud. Companies benefit from decisive advantages through genuine, consistent information transparency and sustainable process automation.

Jens Feuring

Jens Feuring CEO

"Our solutions enable information of all kinds to be recorded and used as holistic knowledge. We are synonymous with self-determined digital freedom of design"

Mathias Herhold

Mathias HerholdCEO

"The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they can no longer be distinguished from it." Quote from Mark Weiser. It describes my guiding principle in development.