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Our environment

We are part of the ACTIWARE family of companies. Our products are available through our partners and in OEM versions from ERP and ECM manufacturers. We choose our technologies according to criteria that drive every aspect of what we do: openness, independence and free availability. This is the focus for our customers.

At home with using “we”

We put our body and soul into the Ruhr area that we call home. Our Dortmund office is directly opposite and in sight of the BVB Borussia Dortmund headquarters. This is where our modern center for our development, support and OEM sales is located.

With candy and fruit supplies, retreat areas and pampering coffee specialities, we work closely together on significant innovations.

Through our sister companies ACTIWARE GmbH and ACTIWARE Schweiz GmbH, companies benefit from comprehensive and tailor-made advice and support directly on site, via service and sales bases throughout Germany and a facility in Switzerland.