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Holistic digitization

In Terms of digitization, life-threatening factors are on the agenda: Due to excess demand in the number of topics such as terminology and confronted with promises of salvation the digital transformation remains a mystery for some companies. What’s correct: With custom isolated applications, prototypes and disjointed single applications, self-determined digitalization with perspective can hardly be successful.

We’re here to change this for you.

We offer a 360° answer for digitization. Benefit from holistic views on IIoT data (big data), business information (smart data) and social content. A powerful process machine, holistic information management by the user and a strong integration make a powerful unit.

The process machine: data from all types of environments

The process machine with over 100 integration elements and processing actions - in various modules - is a holistic solution for capturing, classifying, processing and storing different types of data:

IIoT, no holds barred provides specific solutions for the IIoT environment, including data acquisition, analysis, visualization and data validation. The click design easily models data acquisition: from sensors, machines, internal data sources and cloud storage. All this can be done with a variety of adapters.

The open SDK makes custom integration or creating modules easy. The core of the process machines is based on the latest platform-independent technology. It requires little memory, enabling universal use.


Data: Visualization and search

The acquired data is available for a variety of analyses: e.g. by case-specific research for selective data access on the web client, via app, sidebar or in the dashboard – to analyze with context: offers practice-oriented options to configure visualizations and to display data on devices - individual sensors or the entire machine: Data can be displayed in various forms, e.g. charts, KPIs and visualizations on dashboards. These are automatically linked and feature a smart search. Users benefit  from easy to use overall views.

Solid verification: Traceability and blockchain

Verification and traceability of data, e.g. complying with production tolerances or the logistics chain, is becoming increasingly important. Here the practical application is e.g. acquiring tamper-proof sensor data in the production of safety products. has solid answers here: Process information and acquired data can be saved to a blockchain during every step.

Furthermore, the specific configuration can be documented at the push of a button. Establishing an organization and production complies with regulations is absolutely exceptional.

Business IT: Digitizing documents & data

In the Business IT field, the process engine supports everyday tasks with background automatisms, just like assistant functions for the user. Data and documents – e.g. records from ERP systems, scans, Office documents, photos, and more – are acquired based on the central rule sets – traceable and transparent.

There are a number of modules for the local environment and cloud services to choose from, e.g.


  • Salesforce
  • Dynamics 365
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon S3
  • Object-Storage
  • IMAP
  • Exchange
  • Barcode
  • PDF-Processor
  • Creditsafe
  • Office 365
  • VeChain
  • Distributed Hyperledger
  • ....

The same applies to integrations and assistant functions for users. These are available in:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Desktop Integration
  • Webclient

Templates: fast track for projects

Years of experience and the high standards enable unparalleled standards packages which can easily be combined into custom projects.

Solution Templates

provide content organizationand processesfor industry or solution models, e.g.:

  • Commerce
  • Production
  • HR
  • Incoming mail
  • Contract managment
  • Project management
Application Templates 

provideintegrationand data querydefinitions for leading systems, e.g.:

  • abas ERP
  • inforCOM
  • inforLN
  • MS Dynamics AX
  • MS Dynamics NAV
  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • MS Dynamics 365
  • ProAlpha
  • SAP R3
  • SAP Business One
  • ....

Based on the standards the customizations are infinite. Configuration and modeling is transparent, in the designer tool.

Information & dynamic case management

The sidebar and the web sidebar are a mobile assistant, supporting users with their tasks. In assistant mode the sidebar, e.g. next to the ERP or CRM system screen, displays all relevant documents, data and information; neatly filtered and edited – within the context of the current step and the role of the user.

It also suggests suitable tools and actions for the task in the respective situation. So unforeseen decision situations can be appropriately supported with flexible standards. We call this action management and put the control over your data, the correct right decisions and effective work – at the push of a button – back into your hands.

The web sidebar is suitable for integration in web applications. Here, individual components or the entire client can be used in the respective web applications.

Design it yourself

The designer module manages the data collection and the entire integration process, automation and data integration. Processes are configured via graphic modeling and “by design”. Modules provide the respective integrations and actions.

We were careful not to make the job too complex and to ensure the independent design turns out well. With simulation mode and easy debugging you can test processes before bringing them live with the transport system.

And we even thought about traceability: The execution of processes is transparent and reports can be generated for documentation.

Flexible, robust, scalable – on-prem, on edge & cloud was designed with the goal of providing the efficiency of cloud platforms, as well as quick delivery, eliminating installation and quick scalability.

In addition to our own solutions we rely on OpenSource and innovations such as object storage and NoSQL databases. The result is a foundation for designing digitalization as you wish with the lowest subsequent costs.

  • Platform independent
  • Operation choices: on-prem, on edge, cloud
  • Stateless services
  • No application server
  • Scheme-free databases
  • Low resource requirement

Build your own

Looking to develop your own? We like to support you. And you don’t need to compromise – our architecture allows you to use different programming languages and environments.

And we even offer the FaaS option (Functions as a Service). Our SDK is REST-based and supplies information for Java, .NET, Rust and Go Developer.

We’re your OEM partner!

Are you an e.g. machine or plant manufacturer looking for custom solutions to meet increasing demand from your customers?

We’re familiar with the OEM business and can develop the technologies to help on you and your customers, under your name.

The modular design of the platform enables precise supply, e.g. data acquisition via OPC UA or your own adapters, traceability, analysis and visualization. We have deliberately avoided Overhead, with a view to solid and simple operation and quick dissemination

Contact us! We step in for affordable digitalization across the board and don’t sell excess.

Self-determined digitalization

Self-determined digitalization is close to our hearts. Find integral solutions from us. Our partners are by your side when it comes to projects within your company – with expertise in IIoT or business IT.