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VeChain integrated: Blockchain meets 80 ERP systems, Edge Devices & Cloud

We are happy to announce the completion of the VeChain module:

VeChain functions integrate seamlessly into the process automation. Metadata obtained at runtime from machines (e.g. via OPC UA, MQTT, AMQP...) or documents can be stored traceably in VeChain transactions. These are hereby protected against manipulation and are available in the network as a central reference for all business partners. This concerns the provision of result and process data: every action of the process engine and every change to metadata or documents is traceable in the VeChain blockchain. This happens completely transparently for the user: all transactions are directly visible in a chronological feed in the appropriate context according to type and scope.

Strong verification functions via blockchain are seamlessly integrated into the everyday life of the user. The module supports private networks and the public VeChain Thor. The user can also use both in combination. For public transactions, the amount of published data remains granularly controllable.

The platform's innovative document storage option also makes it possible to organize secure and traceable information exchange on a block-chain basis.

Thanks to the universal process engine, the innovative VeChain ecosystem has a generic connection to over 80 ERP systems (such as SAP S/4, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, ABAS ERP, inforERP, ...), edge devices, machine controls such as Siemens S7, cloud providers such as Salesforce, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and the user's local environment. The embedding of VeChain transactions is easily done by Flow-Designer.

Visit us at Hannovermesse, Hall 6, booth C51 to experience the holistic VeChain integration in a live demonstration - connected to IoT and ERP!